•  Bath, Cambridge, Colchester, Derby, Essex, Leicester & Tendring Councils.

  • Tour de France / Tour de Yorkshire / Dare 2b Festival of Cycling.

  • Sky Ride Leicester and Bath.

  • SERCO.

  • Ford (EDAP).

  • Sustrans.

  • The CTC / Cycling UK.

  • CSS / Child Support Services.

  • Help for Heroes.

  • Nozstock.

  • The Legra Trust.

  • Morgan Sindall.

  • Active Essex.

  • Hampshire Kids Festival.

Our Clients and Events Include:

Testimonials and Reviews:

"Hi Luke,
Thank you so much for bringing the northshore for the Sky Ride in Leicester.  People were very excited by it, young and old. The quality of the track and the bicycles meant that it could be set up in a carefully maintained city park, and people could try mountain biking in the city centre.  We have had a lot of requests since for information about where people can ride in the area.  And thanks especially for looking after the children carefully.  The track was perfectly pitched so that when people made it through they really felt they had accomplished something thrilling." - 
Elizabeth Barner, CTC Cycling Development Officer (Leicester) - via email in 2010.

"Had a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely productive tuition session with Luke at Hadleigh Farm Olympic mountain bike course. 

Luke was very punctual and well presented and is obviously a very knowledgeable and approachable guy. He asked us about what we were after from the session and tailored it to suit our needs. 

We were after someone to fine tune any bad habits we had gotten into, teach us some new techniques and give us some guidance to do the obstacles we hadn't dared attempt before. Throughout the entire session Luke was very encouraging but never forced us to do anything he didn't think we were up to or any obstacles we didn't want to do. 

By the end of the session we had done every obstacle including deans drop and triple trouble black line. 

Overall a fantastic experience and I would thoroughly recommend Get Out There MTB to my friends." - Matthew P , Hadleigh Park client - Facebook review 2016 - 5 star review!

"Get Out There MTB was a hugely popular feature of our Hampshire Kids Family Festival in August 2016. The fabulous team, led by Luke, worked hard throughout the event, ensuring safety for all taking part, smiling constantly and making it great fun. The track is brilliant - very secure and stable with tight bends, hills and narrow sections. It looks easy enough but is actually very hard! Huge variety of bikes for all ages and helmets for all. Can't recommend these guys enough!"- Jo Morton, Hampshire Kids Festival Organiser - Facebook review 2017 - 5 star review!

"My daughter had balance issues due to being deaf in one ear. Luke and his team went out of there way to ensure that although she couldn't ride a bike due to the issues with her ear, that she got to fully experience riding a bike round the fantastic track. This in turn has given my daughter extra confidence and she has since show interest in getting a bike, something we never thought would happen. Thank you MTB." Sarah L - Mum - Facebook review 2016 - 5 star review!